Indian Alliance on Health and Pollution (IAHP)

1 Vision Statement

Indian Alliance on Health and Pollution (IAHP) envisions an India free from the public health impacts of any form of pollution.

2 Mission Statement

IAHP aims to facilitate informed action towards elimination of pollution and its public health impacts through high quality policy inputs based on scientific and unbiased research, monitoring pollution and remediation efforts, increased transparency and awareness generation, and engagement with key stakeholders and wider public.

3 Objectives of IAHP

The Indian Alliance on Health and Pollution as jointly envisaged would be a unique platform to strategically engage and partner with various stakeholders over the issues of pollution and its health impacts in India. The key objectives of IAHP would be to:

  • Support the systematic advancement of national policies, regulations and actions to combat pollution and its adverse impacts on health;
  • Monitor the progress towards combating the pollution and evaluate its impact on health and environment;
  • Generate awareness and share information about the pollution, its health impacts, potential economic losses and the required and undertaken clean up action at a wider level
  • Strengthen the accountability and transparency of government actions and industrial activities to remedy the situation